Dust Control


Dust control solutions

Dust can quickly become the subject of public complaints and may violate state or federal Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Fines and plant shutdowns are the usual result.  Williams Brothers Paving can manage dust or particulate issues so they never come to the point of a formal complaint. Many affordable solutions are available including SS-1 and liquid co-polymer dust control agents.

Polymer emulsion is a cost effective dust control solution

Polymer emulsion is a eco-friendly and cost effective dust control agent that not only out performs petroleum dust control but can be applied to almost any existing road or parking lot to control dust or build up to a paved surface at a fraction of traditional pavement costs. This alternative dust control significantly exceeds EPA standards for moisture resistance. Non-petroleum based dust control is ecologically friendly and emits no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), evaporates only water during the curing process and dries totally clear preserving the look of your road surface.

Dust Control Benefits:

Reduces dust-related human respiratory health problems.

Reduces vehicle accidents and human injuries due to poor visibility.

Reduces impacts on aquatic life, vegetation, agricultural crops, and water.

Reduces vehicle and equipment wear and damage due to mechanical abrasion, road
impact, and intake of particles in operating equipment.

Reduces unpaved road maintenance costs by reducing frequency of grading,
decreasing loss of fine-grained surface material, and lowering re-graveling costs.

Reduces complaints from employees and the public.

The loss of road binder, in the form of dust, represents a significant material loss.