Do I need asphalt repairs?

Today your asphalt parking lot or drive way is more valuable than ever and the only way to protect that investment is with proper preventative maintanance.  This means that minor defects must be identified and repaired early to avoid major repairs later.

This guide is aimed at helping you understand the reasons pavement life is shortened as well as evaluate your maintenance needs as well as give you ideas on how you can extend the life of your asphalt and avoid more costly repairs. The following list describes common problems that can be encountered during the lifespan of an asphalt surface as well as the factors that cause them, how to prevent them and the proper repair method for each.

1. Long running cracks in my driveway or parking surface.

Asphalt cracks

Cracks in asphalt driveway

Causes: Oxidation, weak subgrade, extreme temperature changes and pavement movement.

Prevention:  Prevention starts with proper installation and timely crack filling and sealer applications.

Repair:  Cracks smaller than 1/2 inch can be repaired with sand slurry or crack filler prior to sealcoating. Larger cracks my require crack filler. Alligatored areas must be removed and replaced.

hot pour rubberized crack filler

Rubberized crack filler










2. Raveling: The separation of aggregate(loose rock) from an asphalt surface.

asphalt ravelling

Asphalt ravelling

Causes: Unprotected asphalt surfaces are vulnerable to oxidation from the sun and can be penetrated by water. This can loosen aggregate on the asphalt surface.

Prevention: Cleaning and sealcoating is the best preventative measure against raveling.

Repair: Aggregate cannot be added back to and existing asphalt surface so the timley application of sealer after the asphalt has cured is the best way to avoid raveling.

Sand slurry seal coat

Sealcoating prevents raveling









3. Potholes: bowl-shaped holes

Pothole prepped for repair

Full depth asphalt repair

Causes:  Poor drainage or pavement that was too thin or not installed properly or improperly maintained.

Prevention: Proper installation and timely repairs can help you avoid large potholes that will require major repairs.

Repair: Potholes can become very deep if not repaired early and will require full depth repair. 4.

Pothole repair done right

Pothole cut and replace









4. Asphalt is fading/turning grey.

Sealcoating prevents binder loss which leads to ravelling

Sealcoating returns the rich black look to asphalt surfaces

Causes: UV rays, Oxidation and moisture have damaged the binders in the asphalt making it brittle and more succeptable to cracking.

Prevention: Sealcoating forms an impenatrable barrier against the drying action of the sun and repels moisture.

Repair: Sealcoating an old or faded asphalt surface can restore its rich, black appearance.